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Welcome To My Fishing Logs

My Fishing Logs is an on-line community for anglers to manage, manipulate, share and learn from previous fishing actions. Your information is available 24/7 to only you. Search previous logbooks, waypoints, catch history from your data or from the community to help plan for the perfect time on the water - all from the convenience the Internet brings.

Comprehensive Logbook

Track over 50 pieces of information from water to weight to weather to waypoint in every logbook entry.

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Waypoint Management

Natively import/export your GPS waypoint files from Lowrance and Humminbird. Rename, manipulate, and organize.

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Money Management

Manage all your income and expenses in one location - even store your receipts on line.

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Extensive list of features


Enjoy insightful and informative postings about industry, techniques, reviews and more from our blogs..

Mobile Access

Access all of your data from your smartphone via the Internet or the mobile app..

Public Community

Share with and benefit from many logbooks, waypoints, and more that our members share with the community..

Water Management

Setup all your lakes, rivers, etc. so you have directions, information, and restrictions for all waters in one place..

Tournament Management

Tournament fish? Track all your schedules, winnings, points, results, etc. in one place..

Tackle Management

Organize all your tackle, line, lures, rods, reels, etc. in one place so you know exactly what you have..

Equipment Management

Need to keep track of bigger items like boats, motors, vehicles, etc.? You can even keep track of serial numbers or insurance numbers..

Task Management

Never forget to pack or pickup anything again - you can track all your taks in one location..

Contact Management

Keep all your contacts, trip info, store information in one place..

Internet Access

As long as you have an Internet connection, you have access to your data..


Communicating with other members is just a message away. You can even share information with other members with a simple message..

Latest News

Charity Bass Tournament

We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a charity bass tournament that benefits the Helen

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Latest Blog

Stop Wishing and Start Fishing

We are all guilty of thinking we have a perfect memory. Fact is, everyone forgets. Example, have you ever thought to yourself: “Wish I could remember which dock I caught that 5 pounder from?” Or: “Wish I could remember what color jig I used last fall when we really got into them good?” One question I ask myself all the time is:

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I Never Thought Of That

If possible, cast into the wind or current to make a more natural presentation to the fish.

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