Stop Wishing and Start Fishing

gone fishingWe are all guilty of thinking we have a perfect memory.  Fact is, everyone forgets.  Example, have you ever thought to yourself:  “Wish I could remember which dock I caught that 5 pounder from?”  Or: “Wish I could remember what color jig I used last fall when we really got into them good?”  One question I ask myself all the time is: “I caught a ton last week.  Why are they not biting now?”  The memory is the first thing to go, so stop wasting your precious time on the water.  Stop wishing for a better memory, instead, spend more time fishing by keeping a logbook!  Make your time on the water as productive as possible.  A logbook is just the thing your faulty memory needs.  After all, the main purpose of a logbook is to keep a record of the conditions when each fish was caught so your brain doesn’t have to.  Perfect!

This is my New Year’s resolution.  I’m gonna start a logbook tomorrow.  Sounds great!  …… (silence) ….. (crickets) ….. resolution(silence) ….. Where the heck do I start?  Deciding is the first step.  It shows you want to catch more fish.  Then, discipline.  It takes a good deal of discipline to stick with keeping a paper logbook for any real length of time AND keeping it with you.  Finally, content.  What do you want to keep track of and how often do you want to track it?  Do you want to track location?  What about weather conditions?  Water conditions?  Tackle?  Structure?  The possibilities seem endless.  Deciding what parts of all these categories to track in a logbook can take some time – ON LAND.  So definitely, most of us don’t want to take the time WHILE ON THE WATER and this ultimately becomes the number 1 reason most people fail at keeping a logbook.  Most people fail because they don’t want to take the time on the water to record the details.  Everyone wants to fish.  They do not want to write.

What if I told you there was a better way to track all this data?  What if I told you that you could track what you want and never have to search for paper or pen?  You probably already have the technology to do it right now?  What if I told you that all you have to do is reach into your pocket and turn it on?  That’s right – it’s your smartphone.  Every one of you has the ability right now to use your smartphone as a voice recorder.  You can simply hit record and start talking about whatever you want to track.  It allows you to track all your data at the time it happens and not take a lot of time or stop you from fishing for too long.  It allows you to phoneget back to home or hotel, etc. and play back the messages and make your logbook.  There, problem solved!  Sounds great!  I’m gonna start a logbook tomorrow.  This is my New Year’s Resolution!

Wait!  What if I told you I can save you even more time?  What if I told you that you could still use your smartphone to record all your data but you don’t have to touch the data a second time at home?  Welcome to myfishinglogs.com.  Myfishinglogs.com (be careful of repetition) will run on any Internet enabled device – tablet, smartphone, laptop, pc, etc.  All you need is Internet access.  Simply open up your favorite browser, login to your account, and start entering any combination of over 75 data points for your catch.  Now it is saved in the cloud where only you have access.  That access allows you the freedom to fish more … oh yeah … and be more productive in the future because now you can just as easily search through all those logbooks to help dial in your next trip.  Myfishinglogs.com is the greatest thing since sonar!  Sounds great!  I’m gonna start a logbook tomorrow.  This is my New Year’s Resolution!

There really is no good reason to NOT keep a logbook now.  You have the technology to start already.  I have created a tool to take it further.  Why not take the time and start now?  Stop asking why and getting no response.  Take the magic wishing out of productive fishing.  Stop Wishing and Start Fishing with a myfishinglogs.com logbook.