MyFishingLogs was founded by Doug Maurer of Michigan.  Doug is typical of many present day fishermen.  He likes to fun fish, tournament fish, experiment with all the latest and greatest technology, etc. While the luxury of spending extended days on the water are available to a few, most of us are grabbing a few hours a day sandwiched around work, family, and other obligations.  With such little consistent time on the water, and without a dedicated system of remembering information, many find themselves wishing they could remember that one pertinent piece of information that made the trip successful.

Doug spent many days on the water trying techniques from the magazines, the TV shows, tips from friends, and countless times at weighins asking, "was I on the same lake as the guys that won?".  One thing that continued to surface as the overwhelming answer was simple and consistent... Details! Experts keep journals of all their experiences as well as all the details that affect fish behavior. So why don't we all keep a journal? Simply put, too much effort. The task of manually writing down information is not only time consuming, but unless you have access to a lot of high-tech equipment, then you could still be leaving out important details that have helped so many become successful.  It is these very details that separate the good from the great. The bottom line is, "If you don't pay attention to the details, you simply rely on luck."

MyFishingLogs was originally developed for just that reason - just a way to track time on the water for Doug.  There was no ambition to create a complete system and make it available to other fishermen.  After exposing to friends and colleagues, it was concluded that an affordable, easy-to-use, comprehensive way to provide the average angler with the often overlooked details that separate success from failure was a necessity. Doug, along with the MyFishingLogs staff, have modernized yesterday's handwritten journal into a simple but powerful, web-based system that arms its users with the exact details they need to take their fishing productiveness to the next level.  So as we say in the office, Stop Wishin' and Get Fishin'!